If California Really Wanted To Be Business Friendly, They’d Start Walking Their Talk

Not long ago, I learned that one of the largest corporations in the state where I’m at had received the Governor of Texas for a special meeting. The TX governor came to try to recruit them to move their corporate headquarters. Many people in the area were quite angry at this whole episode, but then again, these same folks that live in the area and in a primarily blue state probably also voted for the Democrats in office.Most of these Democrats are somewhat anti-business, even those that claim not to be. They just have never walked their talk. They say they love the business community, but what they really love is taxing the crap out of it for their pet projects and social services. Back when I was running my company, we decided we weren’t going to manufacture our equipment here the state, instead, we contracted with a company in Arizona to do that for us. We also decided to move our training to Nevada, as it didn’t make sense to have employees in the state, as it is so unfriendly to businesses.There was a rather troubling piece in the Ventura County Star Newspaper on March 19, 2013 titled; “Business Burden May Ease – Bill Passing Assembly Cuts Registration Time,” by Timm Herdt which stated that “Responding to a backlog that has forced startup businesses to wait 65-days to receive the necessary paperwork to open their doors in California the Assembly approved without dissent a measure to appropriate $2 million to pay for overtime and temporary help for the secretary of state.”Can you imagine waiting over two months just to sign up your company and register it to do business, to get your paperwork in order for sales tax, incorporate, or to hire employees? That’s crazy, especially when our state needs jobs, and we are paying huge amounts of money in unemployment benefits. If people can’t start new businesses and they can’t hire anyone or they can even register to get the thing going then how on earth are they supposed to help us reduce the unemployment rate?Suffice to say, not only is California driving away jobs they aren’t allowing any new jobs to come forth at any reasonable rate, even as the economy starts to return to normal. In that particular article I cited above, one could ask why is the paperwork is so difficult that they have to hire people and pay them overtime or even higher temporary help to help shuffle that paperwork through faster. If the paperwork is so simple that a temporary employee can do it, then why can’t the current employees get it done faster without having to train brand-new temporary employees to do it?In essence what I’m saying is why are things so complicated – why is there so much bureaucracy and red tape? Why is it so difficult for a business to get started – a business which will pay taxes and provide for the tax base and reduce the unemployment lines? It makes no sense whatsoever. For those in Sacramento, or even those in Washington DC to claim they are business friendly, well, all I can say is they should walk their talk, reduce regulations, and let’s get America back to work, and get down to business.We have a problem in America, and I guarantee you it’s not the business community, it’s the bureaucracy. We must hold those in office accountable, and at the next possible election we need to dismiss every single Democrat politician at every single level of government. I just don’t see any other way, there’s just one story of insanity after another, and they still can’t figure out what’s going on, even when it’s right in front of their face, on the front of the newspapers they read every day, written by their best friends in are left-leaning media. Please consider all this and think on it.


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